Why I'm Running

WHY I'M RUNNING: I want everyone in my community to understand how their local court system works to support their rights.   Going to court can be frightening and I will continue to provide our community with clear instructions and accessible hours.  As Judge, I will continue to hear the stories of people in my courtroom, I will help them understand what is happening, and I will show respect to everyone who enters my courtroom.  

PREPARATION IS KEY: The law is not simple and a well-prepared citizen will have a better courtroom experience than someone who arrives frightened and overwhelmed.  As Justice of the Peace, I strive to make routine court procedures simple, easy and quick, with online forms, easy payment options, and extended hours.  The busy families in Tarrant County deserve efficiency.

SAFE ROADS: Speeding, failing to yield, rolling a stop sign, improper turning, etc. The list of tickets can seem endless, but I will continue to help all drivers find successful resolutions to their charges and protect all users of the roadways.

HAPPY HOMES: Tarrant County is a great place to live, own a home and it can be a wonderful place to rent, so long as the tenant understands how the laws affect the landlord's duties. As Judge, I will continue provide both parties the chance to explain their side of the story and present evidence.

​GROWING FAMILIES: Our families work hard to ensure that children have a future filled with opportunities, but a criminal misdemeanor at a young age can lead to years of challenges and discrimination. I am committed to helping young people correct mistakes, learn lessons, and move forward to bright futures.

A Servant of Justice

Being a justice court judge truly is a dream job for me. I have a heart to serve, to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  I have a heart to help young kids who are on the razor’s edge of life. Given the right encouragement, structure, and discipline, a young man or woman can be directed down a path toward a fruitful life. The consequences of not trying to save each kid are too great.

I also have a heart to give people faith in the justice system. The justice courts truly are “The Peoples’ Courts.” Nearly 90% of people in our community will come to this court - whether as jurors, to get married or witness a friend/love get married, to handle a ticket, to deal with a child in trouble, or to resolve a dispute with a neighbor. It’s often one’s only exposure to the justice system. People need to have faith in their justice system. Sadly, we’ve seen what can happen in this country when they don’t trust it. The justice courts truly provide the foundation of that trust.

Tarrant County Precinct 7 Justice of the Peace court manages numerous dockets including traffic violations, truancy, theft, and drug crimes.

In civil matters, this court handles all phases of litigation ranging from initial pleadings, motions, and discovery to mediations and trial. These matters have included employment disputes, contracts, debt claims, property disputes, and landlord-tenant actions.

Kenneth D. Sanders
Tarrant County
Justice of Peace

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